This is basically an online diary of my life. Well, hoping to be. I don’t care if zero people see this, in fact I would probably prefer to keep it like that, but I want this to show a progression with my life which at the moment seems stuck.

I’m a phone-addicted young adult, without a University degree, a crappy job and a cute car. I’m that person who can’t decide where I want to go and eat, who stays out of trouble because I’m scared of consequences and like to be liked. I’m basically the best kid ever and yet also my parents don’t give me any privileges ever. I wasn’t the party type, I never got myself into trouble and never did anything wrong. The only thing is that I was that one at school who thought everything was pointless and only came to play Uno with my friends at lunch and in study periods. I left school last year with an extensive knowledge on art eras and how to waffle on about a painting in an essay, how to write great English essays, how to procrastinate learning a monologue and a strong memory on the leave no trace principles from my outdoor education class. And that’s about it. Yes, those were my four ATAR subjects Art, English, Drama and Outdoor Ed. No maths, no science, no history. The extent of the maths and history I have is measuring flour for a cake mix in my cooking classes and the fun-filled compulsory religion class learning the history of religions.

My boyfriend on the other hand is the complete opposite of me. He’s somehow a combination of the partying kid always getting himself into trouble, and yet gets straight A’s at school and studies like anything. You know in your kindy class there was that boy who would kick the little girl who hated him for being so annoying and disruptive while the teacher read the class a story, and he would be laughing the whole time? He was that little boy, and I was that little girl. The story with us is that he moved to Australia from Dubai and England before that, and landed in my school, in my homeroom when I was in year 11. His first day he sat  blasting his crappy music through his even crappier earphones letting the whole room listen in. I was instantly annoyed by his presence and had a laugh with my friend. This continued until one morning our classroom’s tables had all been rearranged and we all had to pick new seats. Which meant that he could weave his way closer to me and start talking to me. This talking continued into school breaks, to after school, to weekends, to holidays. And I started to find him less annoying. Eventually he asked me to be his girlfriend after going to the movies and seeing Deadpool (romantic, I know) and a year and a half later we’re still together. He’s the biggest and best part of my life and I’m so thankful to whoever changed the layout of those desks in homeroom.

In terms of where I am in my life, I have a low-paying job as a waitress in a place I used to love with people I really don’t like, but I also have a second job tutoring violin on a Wednesday morning at two local schools. I have great friends who I have thankfully managed to keep in contact with post-school. I obviously have an amazing boyfriend who I know I’ll be with for the rest of my life, I have a huge extended family who are also pretty good. I have a dog called Baxter who I love to bits, and two cats named Zorro and Delilah, who defy all preconceptions that cats are mean. At the moment I am not at Uni but feel pressured to go and start my life. Thinking about Primary Teaching, kinda want to do Fine Arts but what can I do with that?

At the moment, I feel like I’m in struggle town, when I’m probably not, which is why I started this blog; to see where I go from here.


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