Day Two and There’s Already Drama

Okay so my second post and I thankfully have something to actually talk about. Today I got a call from my manager from that crappy job I have. (By the way, the reason I haven’t quit yet is only because I need a) money and b) something to do. There have been manyyyyyy times I’ve wanted to just storm out, don’t worry.) Ready to be called in to work on a day I haven’t been rostered, I answered. To my surprise it wasn’t concerning that, in fact another staff member has accused me of saying something that needs to be talked about. Something that’s untrue, by the way. So tomorrow I have to go in and have a meeting which is all fine because all I have to do is say what actually happened and get this solved, but she told me to bring a witness so..? I’m bringing one of my friends, but I’m kind of confused as to what’s really going to happen. Because it’s me, I feel like I’m going to be fired but at the same time, I’m a great worker and there’s literally no reason for me to be fired so… I’m sure I’m fine. Even if she does do something that impacts me I have information on a certain situation that’s been haunting all the staff that I can surprise her with and possibly get her fired so I’m sure I’ll be right. Unfortunately, what I’ve learnt from this though, is that maybe sometimes you can’t always trust who you think you can. Which is hard for me because I’m a very honest person, and therefore I’m very trusting of people and easily get hurt from it.

On hearing this news, the boyfriend called an emergency coffee date (mainly because he wanted a break from study and needed caffeine), and so off we went. Thankfully he knows all about these legal things and stuff and so I’m reassured I’ll be fine tomorrow from this stupid meeting. (Another thing: I’m one of those people who worry when they’ve got nothing to worry about!) I don’t drink coffee and so generally go for a lemon lime bitters or something like that, and because we’re greedy and have a very Gen Y sense of spending money, we went for a serve of chicken tenders to share, too.

After this I dropped him back to his studies and went to a local art store to get some more paints that I know to be on sale at this time. I also got some cheap canvases to spend some time filling in with nonsense. Yet again, painting has made me get kind of angry with myself because I can never get what I want to be on the canvas to appear. Maybe because I generally use a palette knife to apply paint rather than a brush, or maybe because I never start with anything in mind. Who knows, but lately the end products have been frustrating. I need to get back into using a pencil because I know I can use them well, but they’re so much less satisfying sometimes! I like seeing paint spread onto a canvas so easily and fill with colour, but at the same time I prefer so much more the end result graphite or charcoal leaves me with. I think I’m still finding my medium. This seems to be a common theme in my life!


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