First Things First

Welcome to my very first blog, my non-existent readers! I’m really not expecting for anyone to ever come across this besides maybe future me cringing at myself, but here goes. I feel kind of stupid for doing this, but I feel like if I have something to write in a few times each week, maybe I’ll be able to track progress within my life, as at the moment nothing’s really going anywhere. To get started and to give you an insight of where I’m at, here’s a little bit about myself:

  • I’m fresh out of high school with a shockingly low ATAR not because I’m dumb, but because I give up things easily and school meant nothing to me
  • I’m not at University because I don’t know what I want to do, but am feeling pressured to go as I don’t want to waste time in my life as I already am
  • My boyfriend is in year 12 and he’s a genius who studies like anything because school matters to him and he’s basically the opposite to me in every way, which is why I love him
  • I work as a waitress in a job I hate with people I loathe. I used to love the place and it took myself, one barista and one chef to run. We now have about twelve staff and I hate them all; boss gave one girl an anxiety attack, new manager is dodgy as, assistant manager is dumb and doesn’t listen to me, too many chiefs, not enough indians. And I get paid less than $16 an hour. I’ve been looking for another job for the past five months
  • I have a second job which I actually quite love, which is violin tutoring at primary schools
  • Every week of my life goes like so:
    MON: Day off; do nothing all day, play netball in the night
    TUE: Day off; do nothing all day and all night
    WED: Up at 7:45am, leave the house by 8:10 to be at my first primary school to tutor my first lesson at 8:30. Go till 11am, go home, have lunch and be at the second school for a 12pm half hour lesson. Might have work later at 4:30/5ish.
    THURS: Might have work, might not, who knows.
    FRI: Might have work through the day, usually have work at night from 4:30/5ish till late.
    SAT: Either have work or some get together/day out with friends/family. Most of the time have work at night again.
    SUN: Sunday morning/day shift at work. Busiest day of the week for it and the most stressful. Every Sunday I almost quit but then I remember I need money to live.
  • My car is called Bugly Betty. I love it.

This week I will be attempting to #postaday to get myself into this whole thing. Knowing me it’ll turn into #postaweek though so let’s just see what happens!


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